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Volunteers Needed for Digital Derry Exhibition at City of Culture Event

Derry City Council have asked us to put together another small Digital Derry exhibition (like the one we did at Foyle Days) to take place at the Guildhall next Thurs + Fri around the announcement of the City of Culture winner.

Thurs 6-8:30pm in the Guildhall itself
Friday 11-5pm in outside marquee in Guildhall Sq

We need ideas and volunteers for both or either day:

  • artists and illustrators who can work live (using for example a tablet and laptop) and have it displayed on a big plasma screen as they work – see the stuff Angela McBride did at Foyle Days for a good example
  • games developers who want to showcase their stuff
  • video people who can do some live video / vox pops interviews
  • anything else even vaguely digital that you can think of …

Drop me a line to mark[at]ownbrandmedia.com if you would like to help out – and please pass it on.